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Havasu Fun Rentals


4 Hours $350 + tax and fuel
8 Hours $450 + tax and fuel

Just like a rental car, tax and fuel are additional. Pay only for what you use.


Age 21+ with ID to rent and operate.


$500 each

I don't want to keep your deposit money! I have to, though; if you damage the skis, don't return the life vest or lose anchors. Repairs and equipment aren't cheap. 😥


  1. Don't drive like a jerk! Many accidents happen when someone is trying to splash someone with another ski. Repairs are expensive; please don't do this. It's not even cool... really.. honestly, it's not.

  2. NEVER EVER put the ski or start the ski on the beach! Each ski has an anchor in the front; USE IT!

  3. Start the ski when the water is waist deep. This ensures that no rocks will be sucked up. Again, use the anchor, and don't forget to remove it before riding.

  4. Life Jackets and anchors are $60 each if you don't return them. 

    Want your deposit back? It's easy! Don't beat up; blow up the skis. Return all life vests and anchors. 

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